Sunday, February 2, 2014

Starting Fresh....

I am starting new.... I am starting fresh.... I am making no promises, but one... I am going to be healthier. That is my focus, my mission, my goal. 

Is it hard??? Yes, because the world is a tempting place. Yes, because I am an emotional and stress eater. Yes, because it is hard balancing life. 

Can I do it??? Maybe. But maybe is not good enough, maybe is not going to help change a lifetime of habits. Maybe is my own worst enemy. 

Why is this journey different than others??? Well, I want it more than I have ever wanted in my life. It is not about the weight loss, but that is an added bonus. It is about a healthier lifestyle, that puts my health and my needs first. There is a lot going on behind the scenes with my health, but my number one priority is trying to help save my eyesight. 

I have a disorder called, PTC or pseudotumor cerebri. It is a condition where too much spinal fluid builds up in the space around the optic nerve and squeezes the optic nerve and slowly damages it. When it is damaged, the eyesight in that area is lost. I am lucky though, I don't have a severe case, as I have come to understand, but it is still my burden to bear. 

I deleted all my other blog posts and I am starting fresh with my journey. I wanted an honest place to share my feelings and thoughts with those that want to read and understand. Thank you for taking that time. In my own little way, I hope that I inspire your journey. Because to start a journey we must first take a step in the right direction. 

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